Society Details

Society Committee:
The Society is governed by a committee consisting of:

Vice Chairman:

Rodney Gifford
Laura Vernoum
Jess Russell
Mary Parker
Fiona White

Committee members : Dave Bonser, Dinah Gifford, Cherry Lewis,  Marie Salter, Annie Cave, Helen Bulman, Brian Epps and Lee Butt.

Becoming a G&SMCS member & other fees:
Membership of the Society is open to all who are interested in musical theatre. There is no entry audition for membership but there are auditions for each show that we stage. Once you are a paid-up member, you are invited to audition for any production that interests you.
  • The annual membership subscription is £40 for adults and £10 for juniors (under 17's). Subscriptions are due on 1st July each year.

  • If you are cast in a show there is a further performance fee of £20 for adults and £10 for juniors (under 17's).

Our auditions are also open to Non-Members, however, Non-Members must either pay an 'Audition Fee' or become a paid-up Member ahead of any Audition. More details will be provided during our Show Workshops and Auditions.  

Membership subscriptions, Non-Member 'Audition Fees' and Performance Fees are necessary as the costs of staging our shows are high and much time and effort of the Society members goes into additional fund raising.

But there's more to being a member than performing on stage. You will be joining a lively and welcoming group of people who share a common interest - putting on great entertaining musicals. Apart from our rehearsals, we have a programme of social activities - theatre trips, after-show parties, lunches, etc., even our fund raising efforts are social events! And if you are not cast in a show, there are lots of ways to get involved, either back stage or front-of-house.

Joining the G&SMCS committee:
For society members wishing to become a serving member of our committee, and a vacancy within the committee exists, you must be:

  • A Paid-up member of the society
  • Willing to attend committee meetings once a month
  • Happy to accept a specific job within the committee
  • Able to commit to serve for a term of 3 years.
If you think this is something you would like to do, please fill in the attached form  CommitteeNominationFormOnline2018 and return by the given due date.

Nominations for committee members are not taken from the floor at the AGM - all nominations must be received in advance of the AGM each year.

For further information please contact our Chairman, Laura Vernoum, speak to any committee member or use Contact Us



a) The Society shall be called Glastonbury and Street Musical Comedy Society.

b) The object of the Society is to encourage and promote the performance of musicals, winter themed shows, reviews and dramatic works for educational purposes.


a) The Society shall be managed by a General Committee consisting of:

Plus nine additional members

All of the above must be current paid up members or life members. There must be at least eight of the above members at each meeting to form a quorum. Any committee member missing three consecutive meetings without good reason shall be deemed to have resigned.

b) The General Committee shall have the power to administer the funds and property of the Society, and generally control the management of the Society.

c) The General Committee Members, other than the officers, will serve on the General Committee for a period of three years. Three members shall retire from office each year.

d) From time to time the General Committee will have the power to appoint an ‘ex officio’ member if the need arises. This ‘ex officio’ member must be a paid up member or life member. This would be a short term appointment and no longer than the next AGM.


a) The president shall serve for a period of two years.

b) The chairman, vice-chairman, secretary and treasurer shall serve for a period of one year.


a) The Annual General Meeting shall be held in October of each year. Members are informed by email and a notice will be posted on the website giving at least fourteen days notice of the meeting.

b) The business to be transacted at the Annual General Meeting shall be as follows:

i. To receive and, if approved, adopt the accounts for the previous year.
ii. To elect the president (when necessary).
iii. To elect the chairman, vice-chairman, secretary and treasurer.
iv. To elect members to fill vacancies on the General Committee.
v. To elect an auditor to carry out an independent financial review of the accounts for the coming year.
vi. Any other business

c) An Extraordinary General Meeting of the members of the Society may be called at any time at the discretion of the General Committee or at the written request of twelve or more members. Fourteen days notice shall be given to every member and the subject matter must be stated.


a) Membership will consist of the following:

i. Ordinary members
ii. Junior members (up to 16 years on the 1st September). Junior members have no voting right.
iii. Life Members. Nominations for life membership must be made in advance to the General Committee. Life members must be long time members of the Society who have played an active role in the continuing success of the Society. Life members have voting rights.
iv. Honorary Members. Persons who have played a significant and unpaid role in the Society. Nominations must be made in advance to the General Committee. Honorary members have no voting rights.
v. Patrons. Patrons have no voting rights.

b) The members’ annual subscriptions shall be set by the General Committee for the period 1st July to 30th June each year. Only current paid up members will be allowed to attend & vote at the AGM.

c) The unsuitability of any new member shall be decided by the General Committee who will have the power to decide if the membership is valid and is deemed to be in the interests of the Society. The committee’s decision will be final.


a) To be prepared to the 30th June each year.

b) After preparation the accounts shall be checked by an independent auditor.


a) There will only be one audition date for each show at a time set by the General Committee. In exceptional circumstances additional auditions will be held. These will be authorised by the General Committee.

b) Those members that are unable to attend the auditions can leave a notice of interest with the auditioning panel so that if a role is not cast then they could be considered.

c) All those taking part in auditions must be current fully paid up members or pay a non returnable audition fee as set by the General Committee. If successful the audition fee will be deducted from the membership subscription.

d) All members that are cast in a production must become fully paid up members.

e) All members that are cast in a production must pay a playing fee as set by the General Committee for each show that they are cast in.

f) There is no requirement for a person auditioning to have attended any of the workshops. However they must submit an audition form indicating the part that they wish to audition for by the end of the final workshop before the auditions.

g) All persons auditioning must perform the audition pieces as laid down by the creative team for each show.

h) No persons under 16 years on the 1st September can audition unless the show requires juniors as part of the cast, except by special permission of the General Committee.

i) There will be a Casting Committee for each production and it will consist of the chairman, the director, the musical director, the choreographer and two others invited by the general committee.

j) If additional auditions are held the same Casting Committee must attend.

k) No person shall be cast in any of the Society’s productions without an audition. Only in exceptional circumstances will a non member be considered for a role.

l) All members taking part in auditions shall be notified of the result by them being posted on the GSMCS website within 5 days of the final auditions.

m) Any persons missing three consecutive rehearsals after casting and without good reason shall cease to be a playing member of the Society and will not be allowed to be in the production.

Society Details